Music in the Vineyards - Chamber Music Festival - Wine Country, Napa Valley
napa valley
chamber music
August 2 - 23, 2020
string quartet
in the vineyards
Vienna & Prague
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While the Napa Valley may be best known for its more than 400 wineries and farm fresh menus to complement each glass or bottle of wine, its temperate climate and breathtaking views also makes the destination an ideal venue for outdoor concerts. The Napa Valley provides a variety of opportunities to enjoy live music and the great outdoors in a variety of gorgeous venues. Live concert events are scheduled throughout the Napa Valley year round, with something for every musical taste...



About 1.5 hours from San Francisco


In the Vineyards, literally. Venues include some of America’s greatest wineries as well as the refurbished Lincoln Theater. Now the festival’s 22nd season. This year: 19 days, 26 events.


Groups include four ensembles-in-residence to Music in the Vineyards: the Escher, Jupiter, and Ariel quartets and the San Francisco Piano Trio. Also, clarinet superstar Burt Hara of the L.A. Philharmonic plays Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet...


Music in the Vineyards, now in its 21st season, has become one of the most successful local classical music festivals. With another 10 days to go, nearly all the performances are sold out.  And you wonder how that’s possible at a time when audiences often seem so fickle and in such short supply. . .